Today's Hungarian art market is ever increasing in value for professionals who orientate themselves in a particular artistic field, are familiar with the ins and outs of the art and have an overview of the players. Werk Academy is a new start-up in Hungary that provides unique training by means of theoretical knowledge, background information and social capital. This course gives insight into the operation and functioning of classical music for which we will call on the best national professionals to demonstrate in their own fields of expertise. Thus, participants will also look into the workings of the classical music market and will possess the compatible skills upon completion of the training in order to start working in the industry.  It culminates with a professional exam where participants hold a concert under one roof.

Mentor: Vera Meczner Artist manager (Gradus Artist Management)

The teachers of the trade:

Máté Balogh (Kortárs PRos managing director)
Anna Beke-Martos  (copyright lawyer)
Csilla Bíró (artist manager)
Nóra Czvikli (Pentatonic Artist and Concert tour agency manager)
Gábor Egri (Palace of Arts sales and marketing director)
Orsolya Erdődy (BFZ assistant director)
Ildiko Gedényi (Artist Management manager)
Tamás Herczeg (Szeged open-air festival director)
Zsolt Horváth (Director of the Pannon Philharmonic)
Zsolt Kocsi (Palace of Arts production manager)
Géza Kovács (Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Music Library Nonprofit Kft. managing director)
Tamás Körner (artist manager)
Balázs Losonczi (Pentacom managing director)
Mariann Peller (Virtuoso director)
Eszter Pista (Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra manager)
András Szentpéteri (Pentatonic Artist and Concert tour agency manager)
Károly Szép (managing director of Carurbis Ltd., developer of the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy)
Judit Várkonyi (Hungarian State Opera press agent)
Dávid Zsoldos (Papageno owner and managing director)