FOCUS on You mentoring

The Sonus Foundation announced a career development mentoring initiative named Focus on You for the 2021-22 academic year. The initiative supports early-career performers and composers in the field of classical music with opportunities and professional advice to help mentees realise their unique ideas and career goals.

The mentoring program aims at connecting young musicians, vocalists, and composers with experienced mentors and experts in their chosen fields, who then will provide tailored assistance in developing their mentee’s projects. These projects could include a concert series, a master class, or other event, platform, or individual goal. The selected mentors are internationally recognized classical music professionals (musicians or business actors in the world of music,) who were matched with the specific project ideas of the mentees.

Mentees of the 2021-22 academic year:

  • Dominika Ács flautist, mentored by Dávid Zsoldos, president of the Hungarian Music Council, CEO of Papageno
  • Janka Börzsönyi oboist, mentored by Noémi Győri flautist
  • Viktor Molnár composer, mentored by Vera Meczner, senior artist manager at Gradus Artist Management
  • Márton Gábor Szives percussionist, mentored by Csaba Ajtony conductor and composer

More information: Focus On You