Dániel <i>Varró </i>

Dániel Varró

poet, literary translator

"Dániel Varró, the emperor of contemporary poetry. Today in Hungary there is no other poet who can sell like Varró, and I concur, his newest book, The player with size-six legs, can be posted at the top of the list."

Other works as a poet
Works for theatre
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Beyond the Smudgy Mountain II. – verse novel (Jelenkor Kiadó, 2023)
The one whose nose is snub 
(Jelenkor Kiadó, 2021)
(Jelenkor Kiadó, 2020)
Thursday, the little devil –
rhyming picture book (Jelenkor, 2019)
The Thirsty Troll – tales in verse (Jelenkor, 2018)
Being silly properly – a father’s diary (Jelenkor 2018)
Where did what go? – poems (Jelenkor, 2016)
The one whose temper is terrible – (Manó Könyvek, 2014)
Not, not, but – children’s poems (Manó Könyvek, 2013)
The one who has his tooth out (Manó Könyvek, 2011)
The one whose foot is size six (Manó Könyvek, 2010)
Heart Dessert – poems (Magvető, 2007; Jelenkor, 2016)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain – verse novel (Magvető, 2003; Kolibri, 2015; Jelenkor 2019)
Mug of azure  poems (Magvető, 1999)

Other works as a poet

Prince Poetry and Princess Prose (with Szabó Borbála, Pozsonyi Pagony, 2017)
Blueberry Fairy (with Zsuzsa Varró, Holnap Kiadó, 2015)
Funny Alphabet (with Krisztina Tóth and Anna Szabó T. Magvető-Csimota, 2008, 2018)
Children‘s Yoga with poems and pictures (with Róbert Karádi, Éva Gál and Csaba Szentesi, Jaffa, 2007)
Animals from the tube (modern painter’s album, selection by Róbert Alföldi, with poems of János Lackfi, Krisztina Tóth, with Dániel Varró‘s poems, Csimota, 2003)

Works for theatre
The Thirsty Troll (Varró D., 2024)
Wolf tummy (with B. Szabó, 2015)
Maid-fair (with A. Vinnai, Szeged Open-stage, 2013)
The nine of clubs (with B. Darvas, K. Hamvai, Vígszínház, 2012)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain (with Á. Teslár, G. Presser, 2010)
Prince Poetry and Princess Prose (with B. Szabó, 2009)
Quarantine in the Grand Hotel (with B. Darvas, K. Hamvai, 2006)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain (with G. Presser, 2005)
Impishness in Szombathely (with F. Darvas, K. Hamvai, 2004)
The Town Musicians of Bremen (libretto for the children’s opera by M. Csemiczky, 2003)
The Miracle (based on the puppet-play by P. Chmiral, 2001)

Drama translation
Carlo Goldoni: The servant of Two Masters (2014)
William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew (2012)
William Shakespeare: King Lear (2010)
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (2006)
William Congreve: The way of the world (2005)
Martin McDonagh: The Lonesome West (2004)
Edward Albee: The Goat, Or Who is Sylvia (2003)
Mark Ravenhill: Shopping and Fucking (2002)
Tom Stoppard: Travesties (in: Tom Stoppard dramas, 2002)
Martin McDonagh: The Cripple of Inishmaan (2001)
David Mamet: The Cryptogram (in: Titkosírás – Contemporary American Drama, 2000)
Harold Pinter: Birthday (2000)
David Harrower: Knives in Hens (1999)

Opera and musical translations
Mozart: The Abduction from the Seraglio (2020)
David Yazbek-Jeffrey Lane: Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (2016)
Jim Jacobs-Warren Casey: Grease (2015)
László Vidovszky: Narcis and Echo (2014) 
Mozart: The Magic Flute (2013)
Gilbert-Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance (2009)
Fosse-Kander-Ebb: Chicago (with K. Hamvai, 2007)
Lerner-Loewe: My Fair Lady (2003)
Neil Simon-Cy Coleman-Dorothy Fields: Sweet Charity (with R. Vörös, 2003)
Masterov-Kander-Ebb: Cabaret (with R. Vörös, 2002)
Peter Maxwell Davies: Resurrection (2001)

Movie Script Translations 
Dom Hemingway (Bing Bang Media, 2013)
In Bruges (Fórum Hungary, 2008)
A Flinstones Christmas Carol (Pro Video Film & Distribution Kft., 2006)

Book translations
S. Eliot: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (with Attila Havasi, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, Pozsonyi Pagony, 2019)
James Brown: With My Daddy (Pozsonyi Pagony, 2017)
James Brown: With My Mummy (Pozsonyi Pagony, 2017)
Katja Reider, Franziska Harvey: Rabbit Family Goes to Sleep (Scolar Kiadó, 2017)
Shel Silverstein: A Giraffe and a Half (Ciceró, 2014)
Shona Innes: Life is like the Wind (Kolibri, 2014) 
Shona Innes: Friendship is like a Seesaw (Kolibri, 2014) 
Shona Innes: The Playground is like the Jungle (Kolibri, 2014)
Shona Innes: The Internet is like a Puddle (Kolibri, 2014)
Mira Lobe: I am me (Ecovit, 2013)
Shel Silverstein: Uncle Shelby’s Zoo (Ciceró, 2013)
Zdeněk Miler: Little Mole’s Adventures from Spring to Winter (Móra, 2011)
Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland and on the Other Side of the Mirror(with Zsuzsa Varró, Sziget Kiadó, 2010)
Shel Silverstein: Uncle Shelby's Story of Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back (Sík kiadó, 2002; Csimota, 2018)  

Audio recordings
The Thirsty Troll audiobook (Performer: Pál Mácsai, Kossuth-Mojzer, 2019)
The one whose foot is size six, The one who has his tooth out , The one whose temper is terrible – audiobook (Performer: Peter Galambos, Kossuth-Mojzer, 2017)
Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland and on the Other Side of the Mirror – audiobook (Performer: Eszter Ónodi, Kossuth-Mojzer, 2017)
Spotted Cow, that’s how you moo...  – musical poem (CD of Kosbor Trio, featuring: Péter Rudolf, Hangvető, 2013)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain (CD+booklet, based on the play in Pesti Theatre, co-author: Ákos Teslár, composer: Gábor Presser, Universal, 2010)
Heart Dessert – audiobook (Performer: Pál Mácsai, Magvető, 2007)
Mug of azure – CD, audiobook (Magvető, 2007)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain – musical adventure CD (based on the play in Budapest Puppet Theater, composer: Gábor Presser, Sony BMG, 2005)
Beyond the Smudgy Mountain – audiobook (Performer: Pál Mácsai, Kossuth, 2004)