Máté <i>Bella </i>

Máté Bella


"The unusual, the peculiar became an experience! Those present will have certainly learned for a lifetime the name Máté Bella."
— Katalin Fittler
Title: Maradj
Author: Bella–Hujber
Publisher: Mistral Music
Year: 2021
Title: Zukunftsmusik ostwärts
Year: 2019
Title: Szeged Trombone Ensemble - Over Tonality
Publisher: Szeged Trombone Ensemble
Year: 2019
Title: Mostantól
Author: Bella–Rácz–Hujber
Publisher: Schubert Music Publishing
Year: 2019
Title: Everest / Crack My Code
Author: Bella–Závodi–Molnár–Palmer
Publisher: Magneoton
Year: 2017
Title: Bolondod voltam
Author: Bella–Rácz–Bencsik-Kovács
Publisher: Schubert Music Publishing
Year: 2016
Title: 3
Author: Bella–Temesvári
Publisher: Gold Record Music Kft.
Year: 2016
Title: It Can't Be Over
Author: Bella–Rácz–Galambos–Szente
Publisher: Schubert Music Publishing
Year: 2014
Title: I Gotta Fly
Author: Bella–Galambos–Szente
Publisher: Sony Music
Year: 2013
Title: New Hungarian Music Forum 2009 composers' competition
Publisher: BMC HMIC
Year: 2010
Title: Young Hungarian Composers for Cimbalom
Publisher: Hungaroton
Year: 2009