Máté <i>Bella </i>

Máté Bella


"The unusual, the peculiar became an experience! Those present will have certainly learned for a lifetime the name Máté Bella."
— Katalin Fittler
Monochronic2022Solo Instrument
Maradj2021Pop Music
Under the Starry Sky2021Chamber Music
Aeolus2021Chamber Music
Fons2020Chamber Music
Titan2020Chamber Music
Eternal Music2020Choir
L'incoronazione di Poppea2019Opera
Mostantól2019Pop Music
Sounds of Generation Y Part II2018Symphony Orchestra
Tabula Smaragdina2018Chamber orchestra
Crack My Code2017Pop Music
Frau Holle2017Theatre Music
Bolondod voltam2016Pop Music
Afterimage2016Pop Music
The Imaginary Invalid2016Theatre Music
Just Drop Dead2016Soundtrack
Lacrimosa2015Mixed a cappella chorus
Sounds of Generation Y2015Symphony Orchestra
Lethe2014String Orchestra
The Evil Spirit Lumpazivagabundus2014Theatre Music
The Home at Night - Spiders2014Children's choir
It Can't Be Over2013Pop Music
Danton's Death2013Theatre Music
Peace2013Mixed a cappella chorus
Mephisto2013Theatre Music
To the Unknown Sweatheart2013Solo Voice(s) and Solo Instrument(s)
Phantasm2013Chamber Music
I Gotta Fly2012Pop Music
Spring Awakening2012Opera
Visions2012Chamber Music
Suite2012Symphony Orchestra
(anya milyen)2012Solo Voice(s) and Solo Instrument(s)
The Night's Monologue2011Solo Voice(s) and Solo Instrument(s)
Orpheus 2011Electroacoustic Music
Study 2011Solo Voice(s) and Instrument(s)
Ritual2010Chamber Music
...in paradise 2010Chamber Music
The Demon Cat2010Musical
Manifestation2010Chamber Music
Botond's Emergency Song2010Solo Voice(s) and Instrument(s)
Hungarian Feast2010Theatre Music
Intrigue and Love2009Theatre Music
Berzsian and Dideki2009Theatre Music
Something happened...2009Chamber Music
The Secret2009Chamber Music
Who the F**k is Lady Domina?2009Musical
Aria of the Miller's Daughter2008Solo Voice(s) and Solo Instrument(s)
Chuang Tzu's Dream 2008Ensemble
Insomnia2008Solo Instrument
Insomnia - commentaries2008Chamber Music
Silk2008Solo Instrument
Wekerle March2008Solo Voice(s), Choir and Chamber Music
El Tango de Viudas Enganadas 2007Chamber Music
Message2007Solo Instrument
Message 022007Solo Instrument
Widows2007Theatre Music
Preludes2007Solo Instrument
Psycho Symbioses2006Chamber Music
The Butterfly's Dream2005Chamber Music