Ákos <i>Orosz </i>

Ákos Orosz


"perhaps there is no other young actor in the country whose gestures, every move and word, is so natural and human"
— Origo.hu

Ákos Orosz is one of the most well-known outstanding Hungarian actors now in their 30s. His stage presence, energy, and dynamism take the audience on an irresistible ride. He is one of the few actors who is equally at home in the world of independent theatrical companies, resident theatres, filming, and dubbing studios.

He graduated from the SZFE University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest in 2008, under the guidance of Gábor Zsámbéki and Sándor Zsótér. Soon he became a lead actor of Maladype Theatre, thanks to unforgettable performances and leading roles in productions such as Leonce and Lena,Woyzeck, Ubu Roi, Platonov, The Marriage of Figaro and Don Juan. Since 2015, Orosz has been a member of the company of the Vígszínház and starred in several lead roles in Crime and Punishment, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Robbers, or The Idiot. His monodrama based on the life and works of Attila Gérecz is on the repertoire since 2013. He also performs in Karamazov, a hit production by MU Theatre.

He made his directorial debut with Sandman in 2018, which also credits him as co-writer of the script and co-designer of the spectacular projected scenery.

From the academic year 2020/21, he works as speech instructor at the SZFE University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest.

Orosz is a permanent feature at international festivals and workshops. He has appeared at major venues in the United States and throughout Europe, and, of course, Hungarian festivals.  

He has been cast in more than 40 films, among others in such successful works as Made in Hungaria,Heavenly Shift, Eternal Winter, Christmas Flame, #Sohavégetnemérős (Never Ending), and the Academy Award-winning film Son of Saul. His unique voice is recognized in several dubbed films and narrated productions.

Music has always played a prominent role in Orosz’s independent projects. He is a writer and composer of numerous songs, lyrics, short stories, and poems. He plays the harmonica, the guitar and various percussion instruments.

His has received several prominent awards including the Imre Soós Prize in 2011, Junior Prima Prize in 2012, and Attila Kaszás Award in 2019.


  • István Bujtor Filmfestival – Best Actor, 2022
  • Attila Kaszás Award, 2019
  • Gyula Hegedűs Memorial Ring, 2018
  • Hungarian Film Award – Audience Award (for #sohavégetnemérős), 2017
  • Young Talent of the 16th District of Budapest, 2016
  • FIAT Festival of International Alternative Theatre, Podgorica – Grand Prize (for King Ubu), 2014
  • Junior Prima Award, 2012
  • Theater Critics' Award – Most Promising Newcomer, 2011
  • Imre Soós Prize, 2011
  • INFANT Fesztival, Novi Sad – Grand Prize (for Tojáséj), 2010
  • Gold record (for Made in Hungaria), 2009
  • International Festival of Performing Arts, Warsaw – Grand Prize (for November Night), 2007
  • Budapest International Short Film Festival – Grand Prize (for Vehiculum), 2007